Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Break Birding

I haven't been able to do anywhere near as much birding since I went off to college but the Friday after Thanksgiving when I was home on break I chased the Ohio Black-tailed Gull with Karl Overman, Jim Lesser, and Jason Weckstien. Although it was seen briefly by a few observers early in the morning and again in the afternoon we missed it both times. We did see the Black-headed Gull (lifer #380) at Conneaut though.
Yesterday I was able to see the Pacific Loon (lifer #381) at Sterling State Park in Monroe. Unfortunately I was not able to get the great looks many had as it flew off shortly after I saw it.

The only other notable bird I have been able to photograph lately was a Brant at Belle Isle when I was back for fall break in October.