Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Finches have Arrived!

Over the last few weeks just about all of the northern finches have started to push south and they have already reached northern Virginia.  Last weekend I saw a flyover Evening Grosbeak and White-winged Crossbill at Kiptopeke State Park at the southern tip of the Delmarva peninsula and this weekend the finches have moved into northern VA in full force.  On friday I found a male and female White-winged Crossbill feeding in the Hemlocks at Blandy to go with the flock of Siskins that has been there for a month or so already.
The birders who have come out to look for them this weekend have continued to turn up more finches with several Redpolls and a Red Crossbill reported today.  I was able to see one of the Redpolls thanks to Josh Taylor but I haven't been able to find any Red Crossbills yet. 
Hopefully this is a sign of many more winter finches to come.