Thursday, April 15, 2010

Red-backed Salamander

I went to Woodland Hills today but didn't see a whole lot of birds, the highlight was finding a Red-backed Salamander under a log. Ever since I visited some friends up north five or six years ago and they showed me the salamanders under the rocks I have always been looking under rocks and logs for them without any success until today. I also checked the nest box in my yard today and found a Black-capped Chickadee nest with eight eggs in it. Although I was expecting chickadees to nest in it again this year I was not expecting that many eggs this early. Last year the first egg was laid on April 17th and only a total of seven eggs were laid so this is over a week earlier.
I have been birding a lot lately but haven't had much time to post. The best bird I saw in the last week was a Common Loon flying over my house on Monday. Mike Mencotti tells me that they are actually fairly regular migrants here, he usually sees a few fly over each spring. I also Saw a Vesper Sparrow at the Novi Wetlands and three Blue-winged Teal at Robert Long on Sunday, migration is really starting to pick up.

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