Thursday, January 12, 2012

Colorado Trip

I went skiing in Colorado last week and while I missed Rosy Finches and Ptarmigans in the mountains I had several nice birds at Red-rocks Park in the foothills. The highlight was a Canyon Wren along the rocks.
The Townsend's Solitaire was a lifer as well.
I saw all five subspecies of Junco at the feeders and the Scrub Jays and Spotted Towhee were also cooperative for photos.
Gray-headed Junco
White-winged Junco
Oregon, Pink-sided Junco, and White-crowned Sparrow
Western Scrub Jay
Spotted Towhee

The next day I tried for a Three-toed Woodpecker without success south of Denver. I did see several Red Crossbills though.

I went back to Red Rocks after the snowstorm Saturday night hoping some Rosy Finches would show up. I didn't see any of those but I did see the Golden-crowned Sparrow I had missed a few days before.
I also saw a Northern Shrike as I was driving in.

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