Saturday, January 28, 2012

Townsend's Warbler

Today I drove up to Pennsylvania to see a Townsend's Warbler (lifer #391) that has been visiting a feeder for the past week or so. I arrived at 8:45 and within 15 minutes the warbler visited the feeder. I had to wait almost an hour, however, before I was finally able to get some decent photos.

The male Pine Warbler in the yard was also a great bird for January.
Afterwards I drove over to where a Snowy Owl and Prairie Falcon had been seen. As I was driving along the road I saw several cars pulled over and sure enough, when I stopped I saw the Snowy Owl. This one was almost pure white.
As we were watching the owl another man drove up and told us the Prairie Falcon was just down the road. It was in a snag far off the road but I was able to get great views through another birder's scope. The distance meant a very poor photo, however.
Before I started to head back home, I checked for a Palm Warbler that had been reported a week ago from about a mile away. I did not find it but I did see my year Savannah and White-crowned Sparrows. A Merlin that landed briefly in a tree by the road gave me a three falcon day.
At this point I wanted to look for a Peregrine but a quick check of Birdseye didn't show any on my way home.
I tried for the Hagerstown Loggerhead Shrike without success but I did see my first Green-winged Teal of the year in a small pond. Two Wild Turkeys that ran across the road near Christendom were also year birds and new for Virginia. It was a very enjoyable day; great weather and some great birds.

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