Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lark Sparrow

Last Sunday I drove down to Augusta county to do some birding with Gabriel Mapel. In spite of the cold mist for much of the morning we came up with several good birds. The highlight for me was the Lark Sparrow that has been near Stuart's Draft since it was found on a CBC last December.
This Savannah Sparrow was rather cooperative for a photo as well.After the Lark Sparrow we were able to refind a Rough-legged Hawk nearby and checked several local farm ponds for ducks and saw Shovelers, Gadwall, and a Coot. I also saw my first Red-headed Woodpeckers for the year along Badger Rd. We finished the day off with two Black-crowned Night-herons and an early Brown Thrasher flying across the road. My Virginia list continues to improve, I added seven more birds on this trip and am now at 156. This Loggerhead Shrike I saw on Saturday was also a great bird. It was only a few miles away from Christendom but it took me six tries to see it.

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