Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pink-footed Goose!!!!

I couldn't believe it when I checked the MDOsprey Listserv on Monday night and saw that a Pink-footed Goose had been seen less than two hours away. I almost chased it on Tuesday morning but decided against it when I saw it was not seen later in the day. It was refound on Tuesday and since my only afternoon class was cancelled today I was able to chase it. I found it easily as there were several birders looking at it when I arrived. I got great scope views but it was rather far off so good photos would be difficult. Another birder was generous enough to let me use his 800mm lens, however, so I got some nice photos.
This Merlin was also a surprise.
I cant believe what a great February I have had for birds! Normally I see very little this time of year. Two first state records in less than a week is incredible!

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