Thursday, February 9, 2012

Greater White-fronted Goose & Trumpeter Swans

This morning I drove up to Sky Meadows State Park to see the Trumpeter Swans and I saw them on the fishing pond.
I checked for the Goldeneye on the other pond but didn't see it. When I drove past the fishing pond again on my way out I noticed the Mute Swan had joined the Trumpeters, it was not there when I first checked the pond. After about an hour at Blandy, where I didn't see much of note except for a Tree Sparrow, I decided to drive down to Stone Bridge Rd. so see if I could see the Shrike again. Before I left I took this photo of a Carolina Chickadee since I realized I didn't have any yet. As I was driving along Borden's Spring Rd. I noticed a large flock of 200 or so Canada Geese at the farm pond on the west side of the road so I stopped to look for Cackling Geese. As I was sorting through the geese all of a sudden I noticed a Greater White-fronted Goose right in the middle of the flock!This was definitely not a bird I was expecting and it is the first record for Clarke County on ebird.

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