Thursday, January 28, 2010

Robert Long Park

I went out to Robert Long this afternoon and had a few birds of note. There were five or so Hooded Mergansers along with the hundreds of Mallards but surprisingly there were no other ducks present. There were no signs of the Greater Scaup, Northern Pintail, Redhead, or American Black Ducks that were there earlier in the month. Here is a pic of the only male Hooded Merg, unfortunately the lighting wasn't very good.
There also were a lot of sparrows in the phragmites near the parking lot, I had 4 Song, 2 American Tree and 1 Swamp.
I also checked the Novi Wetlands for the Northern Shrike but did not find it today. I saw a Red Fox last night on the way home from OCC, surprisingly I think that it is the first one I have seen in Michigan. It almost became the first animal that I ran over but I was able to stop in time.

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